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I joined Honeywell in April of 2017. I was hired by the Security and Fire division to develop the division-level IoT ecosystem strategy and roadmap. I've done that and am now building out ecosystem partnerships. I'm also working on a developer portal and online marketplace to enable a broader scale-out of the ecosystem. This role combines my experience in various prior roles, including ecosystem development, business development, product management, and driving innovation.

Prior to Honeywell, I worked at IBM for 16 years. My IBM executive experience includes Director of Product Management for the Internet of Things ecosystem, and Director of Product Management for Real Estate and Facilities Management and for Enterprise Asset Management. I was also a Director of Business Development for Smarter Infrastructure, the Director of the IBM Innovation Centers, a Director of Product Management for a subsegment of IT Service Management, and a Director of Strategy for the former Tivoli division. I have international experience running 40+ world-wide IBM centers, third-line management experience, as well as acquisition experience, as I was responsible for driving the revenue business cases for over 7 IBM-acquired companies.

I completed my Ph.D. in the Switzerland research group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I worked at Xerox PARC on Open Implementation for my MIT Master's Thesis. My Ph.D. is on preserving modularity in the presence of otherwise modularity-breaking implementation dependencies.

After completing my Ph.D., I joined McKinsey & Co.. After that, I worked at a startup for a couple of years before joining IBM.

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